Community Services

WHO WE SERVE: Adults 18 years and older.

The Brien Center’s Community Services help people achieve their hopes and dreams for a brighter future with self-directed, recovery-focused care.

Times have changed. In the past 50 years, new medications, psychotherapies, peer support and other treatment advances have dramatically expanded the ability of behavioral health professionals to treat a range of conditions. And today, more people with mental illness get treated than at any other time in history – mostly in community settings.

The Brien Center’s Community Services focus on the power of the larger community to positively impact a person’s care, growth and recovery. We help individuals so they can succeed at home, at work, in relationships and most importantly, live balanced, active lives. We operate a strong, integrated community services program throughout Berkshire County for adults affected by prolonged mental illness sometimes coupled with co-occurring disorders.

Insurances Accepted – The Brien Center is an approved provider for most public and private health insurance plans. A sliding fee scale is offered for those who have no health insurance.


CBFS is a service delivery system developed by the Department of Mental Health to provide clinically enhanced services for adults living with a diagnosis of severe mental illness and/or those who have had significant life interruptions. The Brien Center’s comprehensive, seamless, and integrated system of care builds on the strengths of each person and their community, family, peer, and professional network of support to achieve results.


Understanding that recovery is not linear, the CBFS model “flexes” the type and intensity of services to meet the evolving needs of each person served, and is sensitive and responsive to their personal goals, culture, trauma history, diagnosis, and medical status. We meet persons served “where they dream” by creating opportunities for them to imagine a bright future, and work toward its realization.


Staffed Community Residences
At The Brien Center’s 24-hour supervised community residences in Williamstown and Pittsfield, persons served are provided a safe, stable, professionally staffed environment in which to live. However, mental illness does not necessitate a stay-at-home lifestyle! On the contrary, persons served participate in many community-based
activities and live vibrant lives.


Transitional Age Youth Residence
For young adults aged 18+ who are referred to The Brien Center by the Department of Mental Health, we offer a full program of community integrated, staffed care. We assess each young person’s unique situation, identify skill-building opportunities, and provide access to education, peer and other group supports and activities designed to build life skills.


Community Outreach Services
This successful program offered in Pittsfield, Williamstown, North Adams, and Great Barrington is designed primarily for people who live independently in the community, though in Pittsfield, we run a small, staffed facility comprised of three apartments. The program provides medication management, wellness activities, and numerous opportunities to connect with the larger community.


Wellness, Recovery and Employment Centers
Our two wellness, recovery and employment centers – Hamlin Street in Pittsfield and Northern Lights in North Adams – serve as the hub for our CBFS program and are open six days per week with professional staff on-site to provide leadership and support. These vibrant, collectively evolving communities thrive because everyone, staff and members alike, shares responsibility for operational, decision-making, and program development activities. Participants benefit from many and varied opportunities for personal growth and skill development that they can use throughout their journey of recovery – coupled with a newfound sense of hope and optimism for the future. From community meals to employment services, volunteer opportunities to gardening, advocacy to exercise, these Centers offer a rich and varied program of support, inspiration, and real-world skill enhancement.


Our community-based, fully supervised day health programs enrich the lives of elderly and younger disabled adults with comprehensive nursing care and socialization services for six hours each day, Monday-Friday. The primary goal of these multidisciplinary programs is to maintain the maximum level of health and psychological well being of persons served such that they may avoid or delay being moved to long-term care settings, and to provide respite and supportive services to families and caregivers. Offered in welcoming, cheerful settings in Pittsfield and North Adams, the programs serve individuals who, without assistance, could not continue to reside alone or with family members who are away from home during the day. These high-quality programs feature individualized care plans that may include: development and oversight of specialized exercise programs in consultation with local speech, physical and occupational therapists; direct and coordinated nursing care, including medication administration and prescription management; dementia programming; psychological counseling; physician consultation; daily group exercise; personal care; family support; coordination of transportation; and a multitude of individual and group daily activities in addition to routine health monitoring, nutritional guidance, and access to social services.

Our professional staff includes psychiatrists, licensed practitioners of the healing arts (LPHA), recovery facilitators, registered nurses (RN), licensed social workers (LCSW, LICSW), and Peer Support Workers (PSW). “Peer support staff” – those who have faced similar life events or circumstances as the people we serve – play an important role at The Brien Center in helping people heal. Hearing and believing the words, “I know what it’s like,” can have a tremendous impact on one’s recovery. Peers also serve as living examples of “what is possible” when effective treatment and support lead to hope for a brighter future.


Each division of The Brien Center is overseen by a Division Director and supported by its own Medical Director.


Denise Galvagni, LCSW
Division Director
Community Services Division


Melinda Randall, M.D.
Medical Director
Community Services Division



334 Fenn Street, Pittsfield MA 01201


124 American Legion Drive, North Adams MA 01247


60 Cottage Street, Great Barrington MA 01230


59 Hamlin Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201


124 American Legion Drive, North Adams, MA 01247


Various locations throughout Berkshire County


33 Bradford Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201


124 American Legion Drive, North Adams, MA 01247