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The Brien Center

All Staff Email

Dear Staff,

As you know, we are in the midst of assessing activities at the Brien Center in terms of how they relate to diversity, equity and inclusion. Part of this work involves looking for opportunities to raise awareness about these critical values. February, which celebrates Black History Month, is such an opportunity; a time for all of us to honor the achievements of African Americans and recognize their role in our country’s history. It’s also a time to assess the challenges that remain.

We know that trauma is cumulative. Systemic racism, which has endured in many forms over many generations, has brought a growing number of Black men, women and children to the brink of crisis. The pandemic has only made it worse. A recently released CDC survey concluded that nearly 44% of Black Americans who responded said they had symptoms of anxiety and depression, and 15% said they had seriously contemplated suicide. According to the American Psychiatric Association, only one in three Black Americans in need of mental health care receives treatment.

These alarming statistics help validate our efforts to explore diversity, equity and inclusion. They also expand our understanding of what is at stake. Our goal is to provide everyone in our community with the highest level of care.

Thank you for your commitment and helping us with this important work.