Acute Care

Who We Serve

“Who do we serve? It’s someone you know, possibly very well. At least one in every four Berkshire families has received treatment and services from Brien Center programs.”

The fact that you may not be aware of our clients and their courageous struggle to lead full and productive lives underscores one of the most compelling aspects of our organization. Mental illness and addiction are among the most stigmatized diseases in the world. Thus, individuals and families often suffer in silence, without the encouragement and support of their friends and loved ones. Yet, they work very hard with the clinicians and counselors at the Brien Center to get better and carry on with their lives. For many of our clients, this is an extraordinary accomplishment that is often achieved without the accolades that traditionally come with recovery from almost any other adversity or illness.

Mental illness or substance use disorders – like all other diseases – do not recognize socio-economic barriers. In fact, our clients shatter every preconceived notion of what someone looks like who receives services from the Brien Center. Our average client is a parent with a job. He or she may live in your neighborhood or work at your business. Almost all are desperate for the kind of help that will enable them to overcome their addiction and/or mental illness so that they can keep their lives and families intact and function well in the community again. For many of our clients, mental illness and/or addiction interrupted what had been very typical Berkshire County lives.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Using evidence-based treatment and care – and drawing on over 100 years of experience in the Berkshires – the Brien Center supports everyone in our community who comes to us seeking an individualized path to better mental health and wellness. Our clients include:

  • Children who are experiencing emotional distress and behavioral issues, often as a result of trauma and abuse in their families.
  • Adolescents who are involved with substance use – a serious and growing epidemic in our community.
  • Parents who are recovering from addiction and are rebuilding their lives and their families through Brien Center counseling, rehabilitation and housing programs.
  • People of all ages who are experiencing a mental health crisis and who need assistance right away.